Hair Where?

Hirsutism is one of the symptoms of PCOS, which is caused by excess androgens. To be honest, it’s a little embarrassing when you feel hair between your buttcheeks. Have you ever forgetten or didn’t have the chance to shave? And someone decides to point out that you have a mustache aka womanatache *eyeroll*.

When I was in high school I got teased for having a mustache and hairy legs. I also have hair on finger and toes, the things they would say would make me feel bad. At that time of my life I didn’t know what PCOS was or even thought something was medically wrong with me. I thought it was normal some girls are hairy and some aren’t. At one point at actually thought I was a boy but somehow I ended up with boobs and a vagina. (Yeah I know, CRAZY lol)

When I got the diagnosis with PCOS, I realize that PCOS makes you hairy. At first I was mad about it. Now I just don’t what people thimk about all my extra hair. Sometimes I don’t shave and rock all my hairy-ness in confidence.

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