I Am Normal

I wasn’t diagnosed with PCOS until October 2017. However, I’ve felt like I have exhibited symptoms since about the age of 13. Shortly after I started my first menstrual cycle at age 13 I started to show symptoms. After my first menstural cycle I did not have another cycle until a year later. My periods remained irregular until I was officially diagnosed with PCOS. In middle school I begin to have issues with hirsutism. It continued to worsen as time went by. When I entered high school I was very insecure due my Pcos symptoms. I began to research my symptoms, because I didn’t feel “normal” in comparison to my other teenage girls. Through research I came across polycystic ovarian syndrome. My insecurities continued to mount. I wouldn’t talk openly about my symptoms to no one including my parents. I wouldn’t even date in high school due to being insecure. I felt like I couldn’t live like a normal teenage. I felt like no one was dealing or could understand what I was going through. I didn’t get the courage to talk about my symptoms until I was 18. My doctor at the time wasn’t much help. My doctor at the time didn’t even tell me I had a small cyst on my ovary. This I didn’t find out until years later. I have found ways to deal with my symptoms over time. I still have issues with hirsutism to this day. But through regular exercise my confidence has been boosted. Thanks to loving supported parents I have also learned how to face my challenges head on. I currently take metformin and birth control pills. But I am looking forward to start a journey to naturally healing my body. Since my official pcos diagnosis I have lost over 50 pounds through working out and healthier eating. I follow no specific diet. Everything is about making a simple commitment to taking care of my body, as well as exercising self-love daily! Im grateful for all platforms for women to come together and get educated on the topic of PCOS!


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3 thoughts on “I Am Normal

  1. Hi Lisa,
    It’s just the worst to deal with hirsuitism. Even my mom has asked why I don’t try “x, y, z” so that the hair growth isn’t as obvious. I personally have even tried electrolysis but because my issue is tied to hormones I didn’t see results. Instead I’ve just had to accept that this is my normal. Like you mentioned, exercise helps to put your mindset on what your body can accomplish instead of how its image serves you in your interactions with others.
    I like to remind myself that people will remember how you made them feel and that is where your value lies.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Hello!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share you pcos experience with me. I totally understand struggle with hirsutism. I’ve tried laser hair removal, however it didn’t last. I still have to deal with it pretty much everyday. You are absolutely right, people will always remember how you made them feel. Thank you again for reaching out to me! Hang in there cyster!

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