Im New To PCOS

Hi im Danielle,
i was diagnosed with PCOS almost a year ago and im still learning alot about it. I’ve always struggled with weight, quick hair regrowth, irregular periods, i went to the doc after being on my period for 7 weeks and it being heavy and painful, at first he tried me on many pills but didnt work so he sent me for a scan where they found both ovaries to have had cysts present and then from there the nightmare happened and i struggle daily with excruciating pain.

Q & A

  1. Let’s begin.

  2. Freshstart PCOS

    Did you know what PCOS was when you got diagnosed?

  3. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    not really only a few things

  4. Freshstart PCOS

    Can you explain what you mean by a few things?

  5. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    only that you get irregular periods and a harder chance conceiving

  6. Freshstart PCOS

    What age did you get diagnosed?

  7. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)


  8. Freshstart PCOS

    How early did you experience symptoms of PCOS?

  9. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    6months prior

  10. Freshstart PCOS

    Is there anyone in your family with pcos?

  11. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    my older sister

  12. Freshstart PCOS

    You mentioned that you suffer from excess hair and irregular periods, when did this start occurring?

  13. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    my periods been that way since puberty and hair is about 4 years ago

  14. Freshstart PCOS

    You said you experienced symptoms 6 months prior, which ones?

  15. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    non stop bleeding for 27 odd weeks, bowel pains

  16. Freshstart PCOS

    How do you deal with the symptoms of pcos (irregular periods, acne, excess hair etc.)

  17. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    daily shaving,strong painkillers and prescription acne cream

  18. Freshstart PCOS

    Do you follow any diet plan? (Keto, low carb, whole30, vegan, paleo)

  19. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    nope i dont

  20. Freshstart PCOS

    How do you managed your weight?

  21. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    ive just started eating healthy and going gym 3 times a week

  22. Freshstart PCOS

    Do you suffer from depression and/or anxiety?

  23. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    yeah i do

  24. Freshstart PCOS

    On a scale from 1-10 how severe is it?

  25. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)


  26. Freshstart PCOS

    Which one is more severe?

  27. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)


  28. Freshstart PCOS

    What was your reaction, when diagnosed with PCOS?

  29. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    Shock and Anger

  30. Freshstart PCOS


  31. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    had enough of constant diagnosis’s

  32. Freshstart PCOS

    Can you explain that?

  33. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    Constant Mental health and physical stuff

  34. Freshstart PCOS

    You mentioned you struggle with excruciating pain. Can you explain what kind of pain and where?

  35. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    bowel pain and like a stabbing/burning pain

  36. Freshstart PCOS

    Did you know irregular periods were a sign of a medical issue?

  37. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)


  38. Freshstart PCOS

    Do you anything else that you would like to mention about ur journey with PCOS?

  39. π•―π–†π–“π–Ž :)

    i hate PCOS πŸ˜‚ docs told me my chance of concieveing is limited

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