Living with Fibromyalgia and PCOS- the hidden evils

So I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia around 2011. It was frustrating because it took a good 3 years to get any GP to believe I wasn’t just “a bit tired”. I was in so much pain and so fatigued constantly that it was affecting everything from my personal life to socialising to work and I ended up having to quit my career (support work).
I tried several times over the years to lose weight including weight watchers and slimming world and various types of exercise but nothing shifted it. Obviously with my physical limitations due to fibro the exercise was limited.
I wasn’t diagnosed with PCOS till 2014/15 when struggling to get pregnant. It made a lot of sense as I’d had a miscarriage about 10 years prior and have always had weird periods. It was good to get a diagnosis for something that was proveable as Fibromyalgia technically isn’t, but at the same time it was a blow as we were so desperate to conceive.
Amazingly, the month before we were due to see a specialis, I conceived naturally! My son was born November 2015.
Since then I’ve found it impossible to get rid of the weight. The GP hasn’t been that much help until recently when I was referred to a Tier 3 scheme (basically the step up from WW and SW referrals). They’ve helped me with diet tips and I’ll be seeing a behaviour therapist to talk about my relationship with food.
It’s still a massive struggle due to my intense pain and lack of energy, but just through changing my diet (cut down carbs to max 50g per portion) and switching carb snacks for protein and fat, I’ve lost 1kg in a month. It’s not a lot but I’m shocked I’ve lost any.
The mental toll of having 2 restrictive issues is tough. I get angry a lot and frustrated with my lack of mobility. It’s especially hard when I see my husband playing with my son when I can’t and I speak to a professional about the mental effects they have had. I’ll just keep going because it’s what I do.
I’m now at university studying to be a Social worker and, with support from uni, my husband and friends, have managed to complete my first year. My hope is that by getting rid of some weight and my Fibromyalgia and PCOS will improve somewhat. But until I do I don’t know what affect it will have.

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