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Reduce Waste with PlateJoy

One thing that we all have in common is Earth and with Earth Day this month, it’s the perfect time to remember to give back to our planet.

With the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it’s understandable that things like not recycling and food waste can happen. Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how sincere our intentions are, we can get caught up and lose sight of what matters. Let’s try to get back on track to make sure this planet is well enough for our children and their children.

I’m sure you’re wondering how you can make a difference when life is so busy. Well, I have something that can help you two-fold… PlateJoy! PlateJoy is a meal subscription unlike any other meal kit subscription out there. With tailored plans that include recipes and grocery lists, you’ll get more flexibility and control.

How does this help your busy life and the planet? Not only do you get a tailored meal plan based on your lifestyle to take the work out of prepping and cooking, but PlateJoy also makes sure to think about the planet too. They say ‘no thank you’ to boxes packed with dry ice and plastic containers. Instead, they use technology to reduce waste. With features like their Digital Pantry, PlateJoy remembers what you have on hand to make sure you get grocery lists that smartly reduce food waste.

Whether you have long days at work, soccer and ballet, or a special diet, you’ll appreciate all the options for easy meals at PlateJoy. Simply take their personalized quiz and start your FREE trial today.

So, celebrate Earth Day every day and make your life easier with weekly meal plans and grocery lists, customized to your unique life. Find out more at

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