Freshstart PCOS

Helping Cysters Overcome PCOS Together

When you hear about what PCOS can do to your body, it’s simply downright depressing. PCOS can be a overwhelming (speaking from experience) and a difficult diagnosis. When I first got diagnosed it was definitely a struggle for me. I keep everything to myself and cried daily. It felt like no one could ever understand what I was going through.
I decided to follow some people who also have PCOS and quickly realize that I’m not alone. There are people who understand my struggles, who share my pain and I can relate to.
I didn’t want to be depressed anymore. I wanted to help, to inspire and share my story.
This is not only a platform for me to share my stories and experiences. It’s a platform for YOU to create a community of support for those who were recently diagnosed or still struggling to coming to terms with the diagnosis. Young or old together we can overcome, We Are PCOS Strong.