How I Healed My PCOS: A Functional Medicine Approach

“Well we can put you on birth control and if in the future you want to have kids, we can talk about fertility treatments”

This was what the doctor told me right after she diagnosed me with PCOS.
My periods were coming every other month. I had intense sugar cravings. I had a bald spot on the back of my head. I had bad mood swings.
My labs showed my hormones were out of whack and I had multiple cysts over both of my ovaries.
I remember how angry I felt walking out of that office. I sat in my car and said to myself “Really? That’s it? Artificial hormones and fertility treatments?”

I thought there had to be something else that I could do.

So, I started with what is always the most important piece of the puzzle in any case- diet. I ate a strict anti inflammatory diet. No gluten, dairy, added sugars. Lots of fruits and veggies, grass fed meats. Drank 1/2 my body weight in oz of water. I juiced every morning. I worked out everyday. I optimized my vitamin D level and took omega 3s.
Everything I just listed above is how I start every case. That’s what I call “building the foundation”. It’s like building a house- if the foundation isn’t solid, the whole thing will fall no matter how pretty you decorate it, or how many supplements you take!
I researched. I started taking a few supplements and also started getting acupuncture done.
The month after I implemented all of those things, my period came and it came every month thereafter. My hair starting growing back, my sugar cravings were gone.
Long story short, my hormones regulated, blood sugar normalized, and my cysts disappeared. And unlike what that doctor told me, I have 2 kids without needing fertility treatments. I no longer have PCOS.

This is why as a naturopathic doctor I always urge people to find their root cause. This is why I love functional medicine.

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