Team member

This year, I made the decision to utilize social medial to become a more active member in the PCOS community. I’m not going to lie. I have been experiencing some feelings of anxiety and embarrassment in discussing my own PCOS experiences. Hirsutism, anxiety, obesity, food issues, irregular menstrual cycles - these are topics of conversations that I would prefer to not discuss. However, this is my reality, and it may be the reality for many of those one in ten women out there.

PCOS book reviews
For 2018, I decided I wanted to focus on two goals that would lead me in achieving others: (1) I
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Oral contraceptives and I
Like many women with PCOS, this has been a first line therapy for managing it. Oral contraceptives (OC) can assist
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Red lentil soup
This is my go to comfort food when I’m wanting something warm, filling, and healthy. Red lentils are extremely easy
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Being one in ten builds a community.
My name is Catherine, and I am one in ten women with PCOS. This year, I made the decision to
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